Actors & Musical Theatre Artists

Through coaching hundreds of actors, watching thousands of auditions, and directing dozens of productions, 

I can say with certainty that the number one tool you need to craft and own is authenticity.

Let me help you take ownership of your body, mind, breath, & voice so you can create dynamic & honest characters.

Christina Tully and Caleb Farley in NKU’s production of Grapes of Wrath directed by Corrie Danieley

Audition Coaching

+ Regional Theatre Productions

+ University Theatre Programs

+ Graduate Theatre Programs

+ Agent Auditions

+ Commercial or Film

+ SETC/UPTA/Straw Hat/Unified Auditions

Brush Up Your Shakespeare

Let’s dig in.

Shakespeare is one of my favorite types of theatre to perform and direct.

And the old saying is true, “If you can do Shakespeare, you can do anything.”

Find your favorite monologue, soliloquy, or scene and let’s play.

Get Comfortable with the Camera

+ Learn how to slate

+ Learn how to set-up your home studio for auditions

+ Learn audition tips & tricks

+ Practice Commercials

+ Practice Narrative Film Scenes

+ Learn about the business, agents, unions, etc.

Act the Song

Many times young performers put acting on the back burner when they are gifted with a beautiful voice and/or dance really well.

Incredible musical theatre artists make acting a priority. Acting is what makes your performance believable (or not).

Don’t rely solely on your voice or dance talent. Let me help you bring authenticity to each role – whether you’re playing in Spamalot or Next to Normal, you need to create a believable character that lives within the world of the play.

If you don’t know where to start, contact me.

Let’s talk through your goals and set up a coaching lesson or consultation.