Group Classes and Workshops

Group classes and workshops are very popular and cost effective for students.

Classes and workshops can be scheduled to fit your calendar and I can travel to your location to make it convenient for your students.

We can schedule a 3 hour class or a series of classes over multiple days or weeks… whatever works for your group.

Some groups I have worked with include:

🪷 University acting classes (beginner through advanced)

🪷 University orchestras and instrumental classes

🪷 University choirs and voice classes

🪷 Community groups for Seniors at local libraries

What can you do for a group class or workshop?

🪷 The Alexander Technique: Introductory Classes through Advanced Work

🪷 Acting: Stanislavski, Michael Chekhov, Shakespeare, or Auditions

🪷 Public Speaking: Introductory Classes through Advanced Work

🪷 Mind-Body Work: A mix of The Alexander Technique, Mindful Meditation, Yoga, and Qigong

🪷 A combination of any of the above!